The Morrisville Farmer’s Market began in the summer of 1970, one of the longest standing farmers markets in the state of Vermont. Since its inception, it has remained a consecrated space for the community dwellers and folks as far as the Northeast Kingdom to gather around local food.

In that time, it has had many locations, including spots in the village, next to Mac Donald’s, and down at the Oxbow. All of these areas were temporary until Howard Manosh offered us the use of the green space in front of Hannafords. This has been our home for over a decade at no cost to the Market, thanks to Mr. Manosh. It has excellent parking, good visibility shade, and allows vendors to park at their vending spot. There is space for 30 or more vendors.

The market has remained committed to its agricultural roots, only offering goods and products grown, raised and made within a 50 Mil radius of Morrisville. Throughout the years, the market has experienced inevitable highs and lows but continues to prove itself as a viable outlet for small, local businesses. Membership fees have been kept at an affordable price to encourage budding entrepreneurs to incubate their businesses at the market. Over the years there have been dedicated customers from all demographics that attend the market each week and many of the vendors have been participating in the market for over a decade.

The longevity of the market and its different facets create strong dynamics and training for new markets sellers. In recent years, the market has consciously worked to improve its accessibility to low-income individuals by participating in Federal and State programs to facilitate 3 SquaresVT, and EBT cards so everyone can afford fresh, local food. The market is also proud to partner with WIC/Farm to Family benefit program and NOFA VT Crop Cash, which provide coupons that incentivize the purchase of local produce only redeemable at Framers Markets. These programs not only reduce barriers to local fresh food but have proven to be a revenue source for local farmers. This involvement has also initiated relationships with local food shelves/pantries in our community,and our own local gleaning organization- Salvation Farms. Together we are beginning to explore ways to bridge gaps in the food system at the local level by providing alternative outlets to farmers and making local produce more accessible to everyone.

Please join us at our location at Hannaford Green, Saturdays from 9 till 1.